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Below is the definition of compendium. Now you might be wondering what is ars? In Latin, ars means -The Art Of-. On this site we provide just that: art in the form of writing.

Each one of our editors has an art, a muse, a specialty that is written in a unique, but professional voice. They bring to this compendium a wide variety of backgrounds, lifestyles and a wealth of knowledge. Together, they utilize their professional writing skills to maintain this site's unique, creative and original information.

ars compendiumIn our compendium, you will find only the most insightful and resourceful works on everyday and not-so-everyday topics. This is our calling! Ars Compendium is us! It is the most complete and current source of information on the Internet!


1. A work containing in small compass the substance or general principles of a larger work or of a system or like. 2. A publication containing a variety of works. 3. [Archaic] Saving of labor, space, or time; economy. pl. com-pen-di-ums or com-pen-di-a. From the Late Latin Compendere meaning "to weigh together".

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There are few things in this world aside from the obvious visual art forms that are more artistic than the creation of music. Human talent in this area is enormous as can be amply observed by the popularity of all kinds of musical creation from the classics right up to media-driven pop music.

Through the several decades since the inception of early rock n roll we have seen musical talent evolve and improve (some go so far as to say "to the point where it is getting worse") to the standard we see today. The 1960s gave us the biggest changes from the rock n roll and rockabilly styles that seemed to limit popular bands of the time to a standard song structure to the progressive rock bands that took a classical approach to redefining song structure to enable true creative talent to shine through.

Then along came the 1970s that brought us another change from the rock-styles to dance styles such as disco and funk as well as an evolved soul style that became "dancier" and "popier". Rock continued through this decade and as a style was never really going to go away as is typified by long running popular bands and artists such as Dire Straits, Queen, AC/DC, David Bowie, Prince, The Rolling Stones to name but a few.

As an example of what we have on offer from the musical side of life, how about a country themed look at a Canadian musician Kal Hourd and his special brand of musical output that will pleasantly surprise you. Or even more off the wall, how about a look at a Spanish themed traditional side of music at Band Symphonic Colmenar Viejo that provides an insight into some of the musical roots we don't always have in mind when exploring the evolution of song and dance.

But that's enough depth on this subject for the welcome page and it's focus on musicians and their particular art. There is much more to see in the category below that you can click on to open a whole side of this website dedicated to the art of music!