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Compendiums through history have brought together brilliant minds to create and disseminate information to the public. Governments, churches, and academics alike all agree two minds (or more) can be better than one. Here at Ars Compendium, we believe this to be an absolute truth.

Our editors and writers come from various locations all over the globe, come from different backgrounds and have a wide range of educational degrees. A slight sampling of the expertise we bring to the web: A lawyer, mayor, radio personality, librarian, teacher, real estate agent, tutor, and many more. Many are parents, some have pets, and all can write! Ecletic and varied, but always informative. Together we have created a place on the web where everyone can find articles of interest.

We do not stop at merely the facts at Ars Compendium. Our eclectic group of writers also shares their lives through the use of blogs- our digital marks on history. Here you can find a kindred spirit and possibly even make a new friend. Anything on our site is possible.

Here we are combining factual, information articles with whimsical blogs. This makes Ars Compendium a one stop source for all your informational and recreational needs.