The Artist Formerly Known As 

The Artist Formerly Known As

The Artist Formerly Known as... Prince. Yes, that is the subject of today’s piece. Have you thought about him lately?

the artist formerly known as princeLast week, my daughter was flipping through the CD I’d left in my car player, and came across his big hits from the 80’s. She fell in love with “Kiss” and said that it was going to be the next one for her MySpace. But, it appears that she likes all of his music, and hearing him again, even I have to admit that he does have a timeless appeal-if his kind of style appeals to you at all.

I’ve always thought that he was very, very talented, and it’s rather interesting to see that younger people still find his rebellious streak intriguing. (I, on the other hand, never felt an attraction to some idols of my parents’ generation, such as Elvis.)

Listening to “Raspberry Beret” and “Let’s Go Crazy,” it’s clear that he’s a young person’s singer. Hearing about partying like it’s 1999 seems funny in 2008, but it serves to prove the point that really special music is impervious to the decade. But some things don’t change: The first time my daughter heard “Little Red Corvette”, she wondered aloud what it meant. Now she knows. I consider it as supporting her lessons from Health class.

Sadly, I have not heard anything about Prince for some time now, and found myself wondering about him and his family. Perhaps he’ll make more music again soon. However he’ll refer to himself, I’m sure he’ll still sound as good as he always did.

February 4, 2008

Posted by Karen Amato Schwartz

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